Office Workers

Recruiting office workers for day-to-day affairs is quite cumbersome. How is the idea of outsourcing the activity to a specialist company like us? At Famous Recruitment, we have a strong base of resources to manage your routine affairs. The competent people offered by us manage the office administration and operation activities at all levels. While you are busy in taking the important business decisions or formulating effective business strategies, we ensure that the mundane things are managed by smart, hard-working people.  They offer error-free, reliable and diligent service.

Our specialization

Though we are capable of providing any resource, our specialization is in:

  • Expert people who can manage work responsibilities of admin, finance, and customer management.
  • People who can liaison well with local authorities and officials.
  • People who are suitable for the profiles of Finance Officer, Admin Officer, Contract and Liaison Officer, etc.
  • Sales workforce
  • Lower and Middle-Level Management Staff

Why are we the best in the market?

We work with the ideology of establishing a partnership with our clients. We don’t want to be just professional alliance. Hence, our endeavor is to provide effective and appropriate staffing solutions to you so that the aim of achieving business goals becomes easier. Whether we offer experienced resources of managerial cadre or freshers passed out from colleges, you get excellent quality all the time.  Hence, next time when you need a finance officer, office secretary or customer care executive; we are ready to help you happily and enthusiastically.

We believe in technology. Hence, our recruiters make use of recruitment software to find out right people within the least possible time. It also takes care of accuracy aspect because candidates are short-listed based on the criteria documented in the software program. Thus, there is no room for manual errors.
As the costs of recruitment reaches on the rooftop, it is a fantastic idea to shed the workload to us. We are more than happy to take. We are experts in it providing a skilled workforce. You save time, money and efforts by assigning the responsibility to our team.

Workforce offered by us

We are a versatile agency that covers a wide spectrum of office workers. Each of the requirement specification is read line by line. It is assured that you get what you want. Here are some areas we can help you out. The list is indicative and not comprehensive. It doesn’t include all!

Temporary workforce for some ad-hoc requirement

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

Business people shaking hands, finishing up a meeting

You may need a large team for some one-time, ad-hoc activity such as mass data entry or customer-care camps. We are there to take the burden by providing skilled resources to do it well. With a little briefing and supervision, you can achieve excellent output from them. You increase work productivity without taxing your regular workforce.

Not only operational people, but we can provide managerial staff also for a short-term assignment. They can help you by managing projects.

Customer Service people

If you need smart, enthusiastic, and trained people for managing your customers, then give us a buzz. We bring a fleet of workers that makes your task quite simple. Our talented people seamlessly merge with your workforce and take the responsibilities in no time. We know that you care a lot about your customers, and so do we!

Accounts and Finance experts

Finance and Accounts are an integral part of every business. When you want to have a sound grip on the financial situation, it is important to analyze and prepare reports with a great degree of accuracy. Do you feel that the regular staff is already overburdened and not finding time to complete this additional activity? If yes, then assign the work to us. We will provide a team of finance experts who will take the necessary inputs from your team and deliver the reports. Multiple rounds of reviews and corrections can be done to refine it further.

Office admin staff

Whether you need them temporarily or permanent, our admin people look after the business functions, office premises, employee welfare activities, and general administration.  They work with your on-roll employees, and follow their guidelines. You can manage the organization more systematically and professionally by it.

A few distinguishing qualities of the people offered by us

  • They are experts in managing the daily operations.
  • They have a strong attention to detail and a great urge for perfection.
  • They are proficient in operating the modern office automation tools.
  • They possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • They are greatly organized, effective and efficient.
  • They are enthusiastic and self-motivated.
  • They can multitask well. It is an important and inevitable characteristic in the fast-paced environment today.

Don’t let the scarcity of skilled resources affect your efficiency. Give us a buzz and find the best resources!

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